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Best Jewelry Boxes

Ah, jewelry. It embodies style, beauty, and sophistication. For centuries, it has been worn for different reasons. Now it is a must-have fashion accessory that is so loved by ladies. Let’s face it: all women adore jewelry! Men benefit from this fact and often purchase their women these awesome gifts. Sooner or later, you will come to a conclusion that there is no proper space for storing your presents. We are here to help you! Do you have a great amount of pieces of jewelry that you wear on a regular basis? Do you have difficulties with storing all your jewelry treasures at home? Are you worried about where to keep all your precious gemstone accessories? Does it take too much time to find the right piece of jewelry because they are all scattered over your room? If you have given at least one positive answer, then our verdict is that your room definitely lacks a jewelry box!

In order to keep all your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, sunglasses etc safe from scratches and damages, dust-free, and organized, you need a reliable and durable high-quality jewelry box. An elegant jewelry box can become a decent house for your luxurious and beautiful possessions, protecting them from light, dust, harms, prying fingers etc. Being specially designed for storing accessories, it consists of large compartments and drawers that can accommodate various types of jewelry. Most of the models are durable, solid and sturdy so that can secure your treasures and serve you pretty a lifetime. It is great when you can pass your jewelry box to your children. Having a supreme quality box gives you a chance to pass your priceless family treasures to the youngsters. At the same time, jewelry boxes are designed to look elegant, aesthetic and appealing, thus, they become not only a house for your jewelry but also a gorgeous element of bedroom interior.

However, finding the right option may become a tiresome and worrisome process, as the market comprises a great variety of jewelry boxes. They differ in brands, sizes, designs, material types, the amount of drawers and compartments, colors and price categories. To make your life easier, we have done a boring and tough research to present you TOP7 jewelry boxes for women in 2017. With a view to narrow the list of jewelry boxes, we have singled out only the best representatives of this product. Do not hesitate, go on reading and check out all the information and tips we have prepared for you!

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  • Seya Burlwood Wooden Jewelry Box w/ Lock and Key
  • COLORS: Cherry, Espresso
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  • MIRROR: No
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  • Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry Box / Case / Storage LJC-SHD5BK
  • MATERIAL TYPE: Leather
  • COLORS: Black, brown, cream
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  • MIRROR: Yes
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  • Kendal Black Leather Jewelry Box Travel Case and Lock
  • MATERIAL TYPE: Leather
  • COLORS: Black
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  • MIRROR: Yes




1Seya Burlwood Wooden Jewelry Box w/ Lock and KeyWoodCherry, EspressoTop lid, three drawers, two swing out doorsNo
2Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry Box / Case / Storage LJC-SHD5BKLeatherBlack, brown, creamTop lid, five drawers, two swing out doorsYes
3Kendal Black Leather Jewelry Box Travel Case and LockLeatherBlackTop lid, five drawers, two swing out doorsYes
4Lirina Jewelry - Premium Quality Jewelry Box - Gold Leather Jewelry Organizer - Perfect Gift for Women & GirlsLeatherGoldTop lid, three drawers, two swing out doorsYes
5Best Choice Products Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet ArmoireWood, velvetBlack, whiteOne cabinetYes
6LANGRIA Free Standing Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Full Length Mirrored Jewelry Armoire with 4 Angle Adjustable Organizer Storage for Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, BroachesMDF material, fabric liningBrown, whiteOne cabinetYes
7Le Grande Jewelry Box | Unique, High End Antique Wooden Jewelry Case/ Holder/ Organizer Impeccable Traditional Vintage Design Ideal Jewelry Storage ContainerWood, velvetBrown, red, blackOne compartmentYes



1 Seya Burlwood Wooden

Material type: Wood
Colors: Cherry, Espresso
Amount of drawers: Top lid, three drawers, two swing out doors
Mirror: No

Being made from fine burlwood, this classy and elegant jewelry box will not neither fade nor lose it aesthetic look over time. With its charming either warm red cherry or dark deep espresso finish, it is a premium choice for women who are not fond of extraordinary and innovative designs, but prefer simple and classic interior elements. This functional model comprises three drawers, two swings doors and a top lid that makes it a spacious storage for housing all your treasures! A lock and a key are included so that you can take it with you while traveling.

What we like
High quality burlwood
Stylish ivory interior
Elegant, simple and classy design
Spacious compartments
Great value for the price
What we don't like
No mirror included



2 Kendal LJC-SHD5BK

Material type: Leather
Colors: Black, brown, cream
Amount of drawers: Top lid, five drawers, two swing out doors
Mirror: Yes

The name Kendal says it all! Made of the high quality PU leather, appealing in design and tone, this jewelry boxes beats all the ratings and belongs to the most popular models. Combining elegance and excellence, it turns out to be only a gorgeous bedroom accessory, but also a convenient spacious storage capable to house even the largest collections. Categorizing your jewelry won’t be a problem anymore, as this model features a top lid and section, 5 removable drawers with numerous compartments, two swing out cabinets with necklace hooks and storage ledges. It is also a perfect choice for travel as this jewelry box comes with a mirror, a lock and a key. Take all your treasures with you wherever you go!

What we like
Supreme PU leather
Truly beautiful, sleek and contemporary look
Well-constructed, large storage capacity
Portable, equipped with a lock
What we don't like
A few customers complained about a horrible smell inside of the drawers



3 Kendal

Material type: Leather
Colors: Black
Amount of drawers: Top lid, five drawers, two swing out doors
Mirror: Yes

Add a modern touch to your bedroom and enhance the general look with the help of this charming jewelry box! For those who live in style, this Kendal jewelry box can become a dream option! Concerning beauty products and their organization, this manufacturer has beaten the competition. Shiny leather, light pink interior, sturdy construction – can you ask for more? The jewelry box, which can be locked for the maximum safety of your treasures, will also protect them from dust, damages, scratches and other negative influence. Having a purchased this item, you will get a bonus in the form of a removable mini travel jewelry box. How cute!

What we like
Firm and sturdy construction
Oiled and shiny leather
Tender light pink interior
A travel handle and a travel mini box
Can be locked
Low price
What we don't like
Some users complained about the box turning silver jewelry black
There are also complaints of mold growing on the leather after several months



4 Lirina

Material type: Leather
Colors: Gold
Amount of drawers: Top lid, three drawers, two swing out doors
Mirror: Yes

This fashion box will look amazing in the bedroom creating a fabulous and glamorous touch. Manufactured using top smooth gold leather and luxurious soft red velvet, it will become a perfect storage place for all your family treasures. By keeping your rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches in the special separate cases of this jewelry box, they will remain protected from scratches and damages. Enjoy your precious, shiny and brilliant jewelry as long as you own it! Moreover, the jewelry box can become a breath-taking and practical gift for your family members and friends! A gorgeous and at the same time affordable jeweler box will impress anyone!

What we like
Luxurious and gorgeous look
Top gold leather, posh red velvet
Extensive storage capacity
Affordable price
An ideal gift option
What we don't like
There are some complaints about the low quality of construction



5 Armoire

Material type: Wood, velvet
Colors: Black, white
Amount of drawers: One cabinet
Mirror: Yes

Be ready to get amazed by the amount of storage space hidden behind this large full-length mirror! A functional, chic and versatile element of furniture is large enough to organize, keep and display all your pieces of jewelry. Now they will always be at hand! It is equipped with numerous bars, hooks and compartments to keep your things organized, safe and secure. A space-saving, elegant and modern construction will fit any bedroom interior. The jewelry cabinet is lockable. The storage mirror can be fixed at three angles for your convenience.

What we like
Space-saving construction
Freestanding full-length adjustable mirror
Extra-large storage capacity
Fits any interior
Lock closure
What we don't like
A few customers complained about the bad quality of the product




Material type: MDF material, fabric lining
Colors: Brown, white
Amount of drawers: One cabinet
Mirror: Yes

Revolution has reached even the manufacturing of jewelry boxes. At first sight, it may seem that it is just a nice full-length mirror, but it is not! It contains a secret jewelry cabinet. With this gorgeous and outstanding white jewelry cabinet, you will not need to untangle your necklaces and bracelets anymore, because all of your pieces of jewelry will be stored safe, secure and neatly organized. Made of high quality MDF material and black fabric lining, it will become a decent home for your treasures. That’s great that the mirror is adjustable and can be fixed at four angles.

What we like
Chic and fabulous design
Materials of high quality
Front-facing full-length mirror
Roomy compartments for storage
Adjustable construction
What we don't like
There are some complains about interior design of the jewelry cabinet: some customers are not satisfied with the standard jewelry hanging plan



7 Le Grande

Material type: Wood, velvet
Colors: Brown, red, black
Amount of drawers: One compartment
Mirror: Yes

There is definitely something incredibly romantic about jewelry box! Apart from keeping all your pieces of jewelry organized and displayed, it has an appealing and classy look. Celtic ornaments on the top lid make it even look vintage! Cherry brown wood and red velvet inside seem to be a perfect design solution. By the way, it is the right option for couples with a limited bedroom space as you can keep both jewelry and men watches here. Due to the compact sizes of this product, you can always take with you while traveling or when moving a house. Look stunning wherever you go!

What we like
Rich wood and exquisite red velvet
High convenient and practical design
Compact size
Fits any bedroom interior
What we don't like
A few customers complained about it falling apart after several months



Of What Importance Is a Jewelry Box?

Pieces of jewelry are not cheap these days. That is why you can afford neither to lose them here and there nor to let them be scattered all over apartment. Therefore, it would a reasonable decision to purchase a nice jewelry box for storing your belonging there. First and foremost, we need jewelry boxes for keeping jeweler safe and secure. Secondly, most of accessories vary in form, size and design. As a result, they need different levels of care. Luckily, most of the jewelry boxes contain various compartments, drawers, swing our doors and individual containers for rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, sunglasses etc. Your accessories won’t get misplaces, damages or tangles with each other anymore. Finally, this gorgeous interior element can add elegance and sophistication to the general atmosphere of your bedroom. Having found out all the advantages of owning a jewelry box, you have to do nothing but to pick up a jewelry box and make your life easier!

What to Look For While Choosing a Jewelry Box

Mostly when it comes to choosing a jewelry box, people pay their attention to delicate, cute and lovely boxes and perfectly match their bedroom interior and add a special charm to it. However, it is not the best decision to choose a jewelry box solely on design. What exactly should one look for while purchasing a perfect jewelry box for himself?

  • Material type. Always choose wood. Of course, there are dozens of charming enamel and metal jewelry boxes, but if you want your box serve you a lifetime keeping your pieces of jewelry safe and sound, you’d better choose wood. Wood will prevent moisture build up and provide a necessary temperature level. It is important for prolonging life of most of the precious metals and stones.

  • Jewelry you have. One of the main purposes of a jewelry box is to keep your treasures safe, secure and organized without getting them tangled. That’s why it is important to choose the right type of jewelry boxes for your accessories. For example, if you fond of rings and you have a lot of them, you need a box with special slots for rings. The same situation is with bracelets, necklaces etc.

  • It is great when you can touch the lining of your future jewelry box beforehand. Remember that it is should be soft, smooth, lint-free cloth. Harsh abrasive lining can damage or scratch your treasures.

  • Jewelry box lock will never save you from burglars or any other home invasion. For this purpose, you’d better choose a special locked room or a safe box in the bank. However, a lock can keep your jewelry safe from children, for example.

  • You should not mind the size of the jewelry box if you plan to keep it at home. In case you are fond of traveling or you are constantly moving a house, pay attention to compact models.



It is not a secret that all women want to look beautiful and amazing. Having a high-quality jewelry box, you will be able both to keep your pieces jewelry safe and secure at home and to take all your precious belongings with you wherever you go. That is why a purchase of a perfect jewelry box is an important step in the life of every female. We hope that due to this TOP7 jewelry boxes 2017 guideline, you will be equipped with all the necessary information and pieces of advice so that the process of choosing the right one will not be worrisome anymore. Don’t waste your time, start shopping and find your dream jewelry box today!