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Best Tower Fans

Is it unbearably hot? Have you slept horribly last night? If you are answers are yes, then it is a matter of urgency to go out and purchase one of those tower fans. Actually, for most of the people it is really hard to stand bad temperatures, problems with cooling and stuffy premises. Even in case you have coolers and air conditioners at home or in your office, it often happens that not everybody gets a cool airflow needed to survive during hot summer days. Tower fan is a must-have thing and an amazing device for air circulation in the room at an affordable price. Making an airflow better, it will cool you down quickly and reach the places in the room a standard air conditioner cannot.

Indeed, who enjoys inhabiting hot stuffy rooms without a proper air circulation and ventilation? Nobody. A tower fan can enhance your comfort creating the conditions important for your health and well-being. The recommended interior temperature should range between 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to stay, work, cook, sleep or socialize in the rooms that are too hot. Heat exhaustion can lead to cognitive and physiological health problems. Sleeping in a stuffy room can cause insomnia. Sometimes it is enough to fill the room with cool fresh air to get a sound sleep. Tower fans are also a source of white noise, a kind of constant and consistent sound, that may help you relax and fall asleep easily forgetting about other distracting noises.

Designed to be compact and to occupy little space, tower fans can be placed either on the floor or on the furniture. Mostly, they are from 30 to 40 inches high. A great advantage is the fact that they fit easily almost everywhere like in corners and other places. Moreover, they are so quiet that you can easily forget that your tower fan is on. In addition, modern tower fans look stylish, sleek and elegant so that they can match any room interior design.

The only problem that on sweaty summer days people get the idea of purchasing a tower fan at the same time and shops turn into a battleground, where customers are competing and trying to get towers fans that are left. We offer you a better plan. It would be great, if you ordered the best tower fan online in advance, before you desperately lack it. In order to equip you with all the information necessary for purchasing high quality tower fan at a budget-friendly price, we have checked and rated tower fans for you. Having done a deep research, we have singled TOP8 tower fans 2017.


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  • Lasko 4924 High Velocity Blower Fan With Handle
  • HEIGHT: 30 inches
  • COLOR: Black, silver
  • Check price!
  • SETTINGS: 3 speed settings
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  • Vornado NGT33DC Energy Smart Tower Circulator with Variable Speed
  • HEIGHT: 33 inches, 42 inches
  • COLORS: Black, silver
  • Check price!
  • SETTINGS: 99 airflow settings
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  • SPT SF-1523 Reclinable Tower Fan with Ionizer
  • HEIGHT: 37.5 inches
  • COLORS: Black, silver
  • Check price!
  • SETTINGS: 3 speed settings and 2 fan modes





Lasko 4924 High Velocity Blower Fan With Handle

30 inchesBlack, silver3 speed settings

Vornado NGT33DC Energy Smart Tower Circulator with Variable Speed

33 inches, 42 inchesBlack, silver99 airflow settings

SPT SF-1523 Reclinable Tower Fan with Ionizer

37.5 inchesBlack, silver3 speed settings and 2 fan modes

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

44 inchesBlack with Chrome Accent, Grey, White3 speed settings, 9 levels of cooling and customized airflow

Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Fan Combo Pack

40 inches + 17 inchesBlack3 speed settings

Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control

42 inchesDark grey3 speed settings

Hamilton Beach H01TF002 Tower Fan with Remote Control

35 inchesWhite3 speed settings and 3 fan modes

Crane 38" Ultra-Slim Digital Tower Fan

38 inchesWhite3-speed temperature control



1 Lasko 4924

Height: 30 inches
Color: Black, silver
Settings: 3 speed settings

With its powerful motor and high velocity, this tower fan seems to be a great choice not only for rooms and offices, but also for garages and home gyms! You will get impressed with the amount of cool air it blasts. There are three speed settings ranging from low to high that give you an opportunity to control cooling relief on hot summer days and to adjust efficient air circulation all year round. The tower fan is also equipped with the optional oscillation function. Despite the fact, it is well-constructed and sturdy, users love it for space-saving design and sleek look.

What we like
Really powerful
Compact design
Sleek look
Fully assembled
Good price
What we don't like
A few customers mentioned that the quality of this model has downgraded over the last years




2 Vornado NGT33DC

Height: 33 inches, 42 inches
Color: Black, silver
Settings: 99 airflow settings

This model is literally a breath of fresh air in the tower fans world, because it has risen air-circulating technologies to the new level. As well as an elegant design, you get a super powerful tower fan with an adjustable airflow and a smart energy-efficient motor. Plug this model in and save up to 80% less energy! In case with this tower fan, higher efficiency does not lead to less airflow – this tower has plenty of power! Other benefits include almost 100 airflow settings, both touch-sensitive and remote controls, auto-off timer, 10-year warranty.

What we like
Extremely powerful
Adjustable airflow
Energy-efficient motor (up to 80%)
Variable speeds (99 settings)
Remote controls
10-year guarantee
What we don't like
A bit pricey (still worth it)



3 SPT SF-1523

Height: 37.5 inches
Color: Black, silver
Settings: 3 speed settings and 2 fan modes

What makes this new tower fan stand out from the crowd of other fans is its reclinable body, which can be adjusted up to 12 degrees! This offers the users a wider air circulation coverage and a better comfort. Due to the carrying handle, it is easy to transport this model and move between various rooms of the house. It is equipped with some special features like for example a built-in ionizer, which purifies air, and an off-timer. The tower fan runs noiseless at three speed settings and is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a high quality tower fan!

What we like
Not restricted to straight up-and-down placement
High ventilation coverage
Contains a built-in ionizer
Carrying handle
What we don't like
A few customers complained about this model being a bit too loud
Power cord is a bit short



4 Ozeri 3x

Height: 44 inches
Color: Black with Chrome Accent, Grey, White
Settings: 3 speed settings, 9 levels of cooling and customized airflow

Beat the heat with innovative and gorgeous tower fan, which impresses the users with its stunning design from the very beginning. Being extremely slim, it belongs to the one world’s thinnest fans. Apart from its elegant look, the tower fan can boast three internal fans with independent control, offering almost ten levels of cooling. It is also equipped with the special noise-free technology represented by the curved blades. What’s more – it includes a programmable timer, remote control and touch sensitive LED panel. With such a workhouse, you will get a relief even on the hottest summer days!

What we like
Thin slim and stunning design
Heavy glass footprint
3 different fans
Noise cancellation technology
Programmable timer
Easy to assemble
What we don't like
Creates vibrations that can be felt on the floor
A few users complained about it having broken very soon after the purchase



5 Seville Classics UltraSlimline

Height: 40 inches + 17 inches
Color: Black
Settings: 3 speed settings

What a combination of high power and affordability! Most of the users tend to think that this model is by far the best tower fan in its price category. Provide yourself with a great cooling coverage both at home and in the office using this tower fan combo. The 2-piece set consists of a 40-inch tower suitable for the living room air circulation and a 17-inch fan that can become a personal breeze solution for you! With its aesthetically pleasant and elegant look, it can fit any room interior. An amazing tower fan for the reasonable price!

What we like
2-piece set for any situation
High quality powerful motor
Quiet operation
Fits any décor
Budget-friendly price
What we don't like
Some users find beeping of the tower fan to be too loud



6 Arctic-Pro

Height: 42 inches
Color: Dark grey
Settings: 3 speed settings

Being situated 42 inches off the floor and oscillating up to 80 degrees, this tower fan provides a wide range of air distribution and circulation. Created to generate maximum air, it turns out to be less noisy than other models. A sleek futuristic design will fit into almost any home interior and with the tiny footprint it won’t occupy too much space. It is convenient that a digital screen can shut off for nighttime so that it will not distract you from sleeping. A great fan for chilling in the office and keeping comfortable temperatures at home!

What we like
Modern design
Good ventilation coverage
Effective remote control
Affordable price
What we don't like
May wobble on its stand



7 Hamilton Beach H01TF002

Height: 35 inches
Color: White
Settings: 3 speed settings and 3 fan modes

If both looking cool and feeling cool are important to you, then you should pay your attention to this charming white tower fan! It does not matter whether you plan to use at home or in the office, it will meet and satisfy all your needs. With three speed and timer settings, it guarantees a good flow of fresh breezy air. A built-in handle makes this model compact and easy transportable. This attractive fan will become a great addition to your home enhancing your room interior!

What we like
Lovely white design
Moves a lot of air
Pretty quiet
High quality remote control
Low price
What we don't like
Feels cheap



8 Crane 38″ Ultra-Slim

Height: 38 inches
Color: White
Settings: 3-speed temperature control

It is hardly possible to get past without noticing this sophisticated designer white tower fan! This web exclusive ultra-slim fan turns out to be an idea solution to fighting with heat in your house. Having purchased this item, you will stay cool when falling sleep in the bedroom or socializing with friends in the living room. It is lightweight and compact so you can easily move it around the house. Due to the 3-speed control, you can adjust the airflow to your liking and needs. Let a cool breeze enter your stuffy room!

What we like
Ultra-sleek and stylish look
Lightweight, transportable
High quality
What we don't like
A few users find it to be too loud



Advantages of Tower Fans

  • A tower fan is not the only device for air circulation, ventilation and cooling. In the market, one can meet air conditioners, pedestal, box and window fans etc. However, they all turn out to be heavy, clumsy and cumbersome compared to the compact-sized and lightweight tower fans. Due to the small footprints, tower fans can fit even into the corners. Moreover, most of the tower fans are equipped with a built-in handle so that they can be moved all over the house.

  • Energetic efficiency. It is not a secret that air conditioners eat up a lot of energy, while most of the tower fans turn out to be energy efficient. That means that you can save a pretty sum of money having purchased a tower fan instead of other cooling device!

  • Tower fans outclass air conditioners for a series of reasons. They are multifunctional. They can oscillate; they can be equipped with an ionizer etc.

  • White noise. Having got accustomed to the fan sound, you will easily fall asleep to this light and quiet hum.


What to Look For While Choosing a Perfect Tower Fan

Market is overfilled with various tower fans. They differ in aesthetic look, shapes, sizes, power, speed settings and price categories. All these are the things you need to consider while purchasing a perfect tower fan for you.

  1. Functionality. It is the soul of each tower fan and one of the most important criteria. Consider the size of the premises you are going to cool, the power of a tower fans, its speed settings and modes.

  2. Noise. In case you are sensitive and you cannot stand various noises, you should be quite picky about the decibel rating of the tower fan you plan to purchase. Pay attention to the extra quiet, noiseless models.

  3. Warranty. It could be wonderful if all the tower fans worked for ages, but any fan faces problems from time to time. That is why it is important to mind the presence of guarantee and support.

  4. Additional options. Some of the fans are equipped with ionizers, sleep timers, remote controls etc. If you need one of these helpful extras, don’t forget to check if the chosen model has it.



During sweltering hot, summer days, you will need no other friend than a good tower fan. Be sure you will never regret having purchased this item when the sun gets out and shines brightly. With such a vast variety of tower fans available in the market, there are many devices to help you cope with the heat and stay cool. However, it is important to choose the right fan that will meet and satisfy all your needs. To make your life easier and your home comfier, we have found and ranked the best tower fans for our TOP8 tower fans 2017 review. All they will surprise you by how little space they take up and how effective and productive they are. Moreover, most of them are noiseless and easy to assemble. Have we mentioned that these tower fans are also great gifts for family and friends? Hope you have found our review useful! So, do not waste your time, go shopping and grab a perfect tower fan for you! Cool down and enjoy a pleasant breeze!